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Thursday, 21 February 2008



I don't know that I'd generalize to faith stages or a path of maturity, but I can relate to the cartoon based on my own experience. When the pure emotionalism of what passes for worship these days runs out, there is something very attractive about liturgy and the idea of worshiping the way generations of Christians have worshiped. I'm not sure I get the goatee/ipod figure (besides the gender issues that ensue) -- maybe the isolation when you realize you're out of sync with your old friends/church?

Ruth  Mazengarb

quite interesting eh. i think i can relate to the guy with his hands behind his back.

Ruth Mazey


Simplistic, linear and irrelevant?


Go to ship of fool they have a whole thing on this -i would change the title - i would call it so you want to worship....

Dave Walker

Thanks Alan. Very interesting to hear the different reactions to the cartoon.

Freedom Bound

"Simplistic, linear and irrelevant?"

The cartoon or your comment?


My comment is very probably simplistic, linear and irrelevant - many of my thoughts are. ;-)

Not at all aimed at the cartoon, I love Dave Walker's stuff -

Really, I was poking at the comment that it might have anything to do with maturation or stages of faith...

This is more my style!

Nathan Rice

Can't we be all of these at the same time.
Nathan Rice


Interesting. I would say it's gone in very much the opposite direction for me.


Its backwards...

Paul Nichols

Go Nathan Rice! You nailed it, (no religious pun intended). We all move daily from teary-eyed amazement at Christ to wondering if He is real at all. Fortunately we have the Word and the Spirit to bring us back to faith.

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