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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


ron cole

Hey Paul, I wrote this most a few days ago, just give my comment some context...

I wonder what these new plants ( vehicles ) will look like? Will they be much smaller, and sustainable...and far more fluid? Will they even look like churches? I've been involved in some small missional projects, I'm wondering if this isn't what future faith communities will look like. I wonder if we won't live " out " of the texts, more than we live in them. The continued shift from doxy to praxis. Anyways, I'm thinking and trying to live these thoughts out.

Paul Fromont

Thanks Ron. Your statement - "...Look around what ever "church" vehicle your in. How many passengers under 20-30 are in your vehicle? Then ask yourself why? I suspect most have got tired of waiting in the intersection. They've opted to exit the vehicle and live " in " it." - is so true. I also appreciated the link to Bill Dahl's review of Harvey Cox's new book. I'd been wondering about it and have now made a decision to purchase a copy.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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