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Monday, 20 December 2004



paul - firstly, thanks for checking out my wee blog! i've been reading yours for a while now so it was a delight to see that you'd visited :)

i like everything you've said here. you've articulated much of what i'm trying to explore for the paper i'm writing (community being intentional and authentic and not 'faddish'). i still react a little strangely when i see a circle with a 'solid' line around it (i think i see 'in vs out')...but i think i'm getting the point about the 'intentional' bit. commitment (covenanting) to doing life together in a way that is intensely outward focused. what you've written about this 'core' really makes sense to me, especially relating to god in the midst of the everyday/ordinary, and i'm definately going to incorporate 'monastic' themes into what i'm writing. thanks paul (+karen)

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