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Thursday, 23 December 2004


+ Alan

Aaaggghhh!! My brother! That was awesome! Seriously bustin' it out here. The last bit in bold is frameworthy. I think that is gigantic. If we give in to the desire for "success" as it has formerly been known, we have lost everything we've jumped off the cliff for. I truly believe that. Here's to staying on the edge, smallness and obscurity. Peace to you Father Paul.

Arlen Hanson

Thank you for the wake up call brother.

So be it. See you on the edges then mate.


thanks, mate. you've captured some concerns i wasn't able to say as well over at the ashram this morning. a serious commitment to marginality along with a profound sense of the cosmic scope of God's love.....your words are very helpful. shalom.

Kevin Rains

Great post. Very timely. I needed this. Paul, thank you.... really, thanks!


I'm going to disagree slightly but in so doing I don't want it to be taken as criticism. I also realise that I may be very wrong considering I may not have my finger on the pulse of this issue. I am looking at it from two perspectives.

Perspective #1.
The mainstream seeks to become an authentic stakeholder in God's emergent movement. The mainstream makes significant movement toward the margins where EC was birthed making it the new mainstream. It was ploughed by It would also seem that authentic emergent stirrings undercurrent within traditional denominations, eg: Remix. Do EC leaders then worry that they are losing control or recognition to mainstream structures? Do we fear the comment,"thanks guys we'll take it from here"?

Perspective #2
The mainstream seeks to package the momentum of the EC for its own 'attractability'. Does a failed counterfeit gimmick threaten the EC? I think the only damage would occur where they interface with their local communities, not ours. That's not something we can ever have control over. Would the name EC take on unhelpful associations? Maybe, but its not a brand name we defend. If its God's movement, I don't think it pays to worry over things we simply can't control.

I guess lastly, there is talk of building bridges. I agree with Hamo as to burning bridges between us and 'the world'. Perhaps the only bridges we should build are those back to the mainstream church. Maybe we should initiate that. If the interest is there, they will need help. I think heartland modernists need their structures, but the missional context of living is a lifestyle mandate to us all.

You may throw tomatoes now!

Charlie Wear

Hey Paul,
Good stuff...I am wondering if it is a requirement that one be on the margins to follow Jesus? I know it's a bad thing when you conquer the empire without firing a shot and everything gets syncretized. But I keep thinking about the harvest fields that Jesus saw...are they all harvested? Do we still need to pray for workers? Do we still need to sow seeds? Btw, a Kiwi Christmas sounds like a lot of fun. I've only been to New Zealand in July-August and April...although April was really nice...


Hi Paul, good post. The way of the chuch and the way of the cross are two totally different directions.
It didn't always use to be like that, though....

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