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Tuesday, 18 October 2005



thanks paul. have quoted you today


Oh, I don't think people haven't fallen in love with God at sometime in their lives. I will never forget the warm and wonderful feeling I had as a 14 year old after the bishop laid his hands on my head at my confirmation. I was on top of the world; my faith was unshakeable. But to continue the analogy... God is not an easy lover. At least that's how we can come to feel about God. Back to humans, why do so many people who experienced love when they were young see so emotionally crippled in their relationships when they are older. It's because, in their view, they were hurt in love, and they fear to take the risk of loving again. We don't understand - if God is so loving, why is my life so lousy? Why do bad things happen to me? So I fear to love God, for, in my adolescent way of thinking, God has let me down. God has hurt me. This is, of course, the old Problem of Evil to which I suppose there is no answer except Faith in a loving God.

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