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Thursday, 16 March 2006



copies should be out... where???, for those of us in australia.


I am looking forward to reading this. Let us know when and where it's available.


I can't wait to read it. Churchless Faith has been such a great resource for me as I have ventured into the waters of the formation of a new kind of church community. I meet "reflective exiles," "transitional explorers" and "integrative wayfarers" every week. They all carry stories of leaving as well as deep desires to experience God and His community in new ways (though some are more ready then others to plunge in). As a person trained in spiritual direction, I get this stuff. It will be wonderful to have another resource for my backpack on the next leg of the journey. Thanks.


I guess I'm one of those churchless faith people several years now...interested though that there is now a book...I will chase it down..many thanks!

Paul Fromont

More information about how to purchase a copy will be forthcoming. Thanks for your interest.


Looking forward to reading these continuing stories and to learning from them. Spirited Exchanges UK is taking off and so I'd love to know when this will be published in the UK.

Fred Peatross

If you would be interested in attaching your manuscript to an email and sending my way I will read and write a review.

I did this for Len Sweet's newest book (not yet released). You can read this review at Next Wave Magazine.


Looking forward to it. One thing does strike me. I don't know if you share this opinion "And disquieting because it underscores once again just how irrelevant or unhelpful the institutional church has become for so many reflective and intelligent believers today." but it strikes me that the underlying belief is that "institutional church" should be universally attractive. Not everyone has the needs of those that resonate with "institutional church". So why ask a question that disquiets when folks don't play by our game rules? How about asking a different question? Maybe something like "how can we even more appreciate those of a different fold whose lives diversely reflect God's glory in all its many and varied forms?". Anyway as I said looking forward to it... peace... DM

Matt Stone

Looking forward to it

Philip Edwards

Interesting stuff


great stuff! look forward to hearing what you have discovered

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