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Saturday, 30 June 2007



What is this spirituality please?

Paul Fromont

Complex question Becky, but thanks for asking it.

I'm not yet sure how Arbuckle describes it, and I'm still working on describing within my own context. I guess, in part, Arbuckle and others are saying that we're not good at locating God and God's gifts of life among us when all seems dark and lost.

I'm developing a way of working with this loss as a process; a spirituality if you will, that helps congregations move with hope toward the future and possibilities of new life. But, early days yet.

Do you have any thoughts? What does the quote evoke in you?


Honestly the quote evoked a touch of anger. Probably as a result of feeling pretty raw about the dissolution of a pastoral team that I believed offered real hope and community. And the stalling of the Spirited Exchanges initiative. Anger with myself as much as anything that I let myself be drawn in. I can't see much alternative to persuing an individual path, maybe hooking in to established institutions for inspiration along the way.

Paul Fromont

Thanks Becky. As I've said in other places, amongst "the most hurtful and disappointing experiences of my life have been my experiences in churches." The irony of that has not left me.

There is a huge amount of vulnerability (because of self-exposure) in churches, and like any relationship where we take the risk of exposing and opening ourselves to the "other" there are both the possibilities of some of the deepest and richest experiences in our lives; yet also the possibility of much hurt.

Churches aren't easy places to belong ...

Take care.


Thank you both for your honesty & wisdom. I glimpse the heart of Christ.


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