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Monday, 08 October 2007


Andrew Dowsett

Thanks, Paul, for what Maggi would call the hap tip.

As if to illustrate the point, the day you posted this I had had another conversation - with a relative on my wife's side of the family as a result of something I had written about my grandfather. This relative had only just discovered my blog, through a facebook link; and is not someone with whom I am able to talk, generally, of matters of faith that are so significant to my life. Indeed, this was not the first time when I had been suprised to discover that extended family members who would not necessarily identify themselves as Christian or as having any religious faith have spoken to me of things they have read on my blog...

Thank you, also, for the idea of virtual friendships becoming icons of incarnation. That's a rich image I shall continue to ponder on!


I find blogging more of a thinking space - where comments and conversation can happen - it's the possibility rather than the probability for me...

Jill Shaw

Thanks for you blog. At a journaling retreat I talked with others about blogging and I think the technology put them off a bit. I showed them your article in Refresh and they warmed to it.
You make it approachable and demonstrate some of the values in it. After attempting some group blogs, I've begun again at

in hopes that I'll explore many of the conversations on the journey, both with those in the church and those on the margins. As a chaplain at a NZ university, I have many opportunities for conversations and most of them revolve around meals. Thanks much. JS

Paul Fromont

Hi Jill. Thanks for your kind comments Lovely to hear that the REFRESH article was useful All the best with your blog journey...

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