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Monday, 21 January 2008



Hmm this model of hospitality mission is interesting and seems to be the "flavour" of the month. Jonny's contribution seems still to have a very "attractional" model of Church (who do we invite to join us). I wonder whether a more helpful question (which would certainly be more culturally relevant outside middle-class middle-age England) is what pubs and clubs are we a regular or whose house have we last had a cup of tea in.

I have a recent very pertinent example of being asked that question which I will blog about and link to this.

Those of us who live day by day with dietary restrictions also find the whole "being invited back thing" a nightmare which is a 'disability' which hospitality mission tends to ignore. And yes people can be sensitive but it tiresome to have to constantly explain and acutely embarrassing when people misunderstand the diet sheet and lovingly and proudly prepare a "off-limits" meal.

Paul Fromont

Thanks Tom. Useful observations and thoughts.

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