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Sunday, 23 March 2008


Steve Lavey

I love your post on Easter Sunday!

You know, there are a number of people who would argue that Jesus did not have to have a bodily resurrection or some even argue that Jesus’ death alone was enough, but we agree with Paul when he tells us that anything short of a bodily resurrection ignores the victory of God.

God does not want to just rescue people from this material world — God wants to restore all things. God CHOSE to send His son to die on the cross for OUR sins.

Jesus’ resurrection reminds us of three things

God has defeated death.
God has defeated evil.
God has begun His redemptive work.

Check out the full Easter post at

BTW -- My wife and I travelled for a year before kids and a mortgage and our favorite time was the four weeks we spent in New Zealand -- we are so looking forward to going back with our four kids.

Paul Fromont

I guess for me as I reflected on Easter Sunday, this quote from Tom Wright (which I've re:mixed) captures some central themes; themes which are behind my thoughts (above) on resurrection:

“Because Jesus is raised from the dead, God’s new world has begun. We are not only the beneficiaries of new creation; WE ARE THE AGENTS OF IT.. when we do new creation— [SO] when we encourage one another in the church TO BE ACTIVE in projects of new creation, of healing, of hope for communities—we are standing on the ground that Jesus has won in his resurrection….”


While the Easter message we heard was somewhat disappointing, one of the preacher's questions was this: do we live on Friday or Sunday? He argued that our lives are lived in and through the resurrection.

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