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Wednesday, 21 May 2008



wow. i was just discussing this stuff with a friend today. you really can't fault klein for reading the bible in this way. i fear that too many christians do believe that this is the future that is envisioned through Noah. A Utopia that will only come about once God violently silences all dissent.

I don't know where we got the idea that to make the world new it needs to be destroyed.

Michael W. Kruse

I find this post and the YouTube clip in the following post disturbing. The depiction of Milton Friedman as virtual Lucifer and trying to make the connection of neo-conservatism to the rape of Tamar is on a par with activities of Joe McCarthy and groups like the John Birch society in the 1950s USA.

During the 1960s in the USA, well intentioned liberals decided to concentrate the poor in urban high rise complexes so services good more efficiently be provided. They provided welfare assistance to single mothers in order to help the children. The former led to some of the most violent inhumane conditions in modern society and the second rendered poor fathers irrelevant to their families, precipitating a dramatic decline in the family, the most basic safety net of all. Now I’m sure if I dwelt on it long enough I could find some “shocking” reprehensible metaphor from the Bible or elsewhere to correlate with this degradation of the poor and launch a vitriolic campaign about how evil liberals are. I think most of us know it is more complex then that.

These metaphors of torture and rape do nothing to promote civil discourse about deeply complex issues. Walsh’s article, legitimizing Klein’s propagandist hatemongering as it does, isn’t helpful. All this does for me is confirm the seething antipathy intellectuals and products of religious academies have toward the marketplace, and their moralistic willful ignorance of the complexities of economic life.


I noticed that my earlier comment was removed - guys can't post inflammatory content that peddles irresponsible and disturbing stuff and expect people to not react. Most of the stuff presented is outright false - logical fallacies, jumping to conclusions and just outright offensive.

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