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Monday, 02 August 2010


Mike Crowl

This is very interesting, but I suspect not terribly accurate. Recently, as part of a course, we did the Myers Briggs questionnaire. I came out as a ENFJ (possibly an ISFJ, as the first two letters scored very low).
However, of three blogs that I write I managed to show up variously as ESTP, INTP and ESFP!
So obviously I write differently to how I behave in real life. LOL

Jason Goroncy

It seems that most theo-blogs come out with the same type. Just as well there's some variety of personality among the actual authors.

Still, interesting all the same ...

Paul Fromont

Interestingly Jason and Mike, I'm not an INTP, so in my case it doesn't present the whole picture - just a part of it.

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