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Tuesday, 08 March 2011


Gordon C. Stewart

I've been reading Sebastian Moore for15 years and am soooooo pleased to stumble across this interview and the radio show. I met him briefly at the Episcopal campus ministry center at the University of Milwaukee in the early '70s. I was a campus minister at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and had gone to visit the Episopal campus minister in Milwaukee. There was a strange monk who said nothiong. He just observed very carefully. I never gave that half-hour another thought until I recognized him from a picture related to the book that changed my perspective on the cross: The Crucified Jesus Is No Stranger.

I am deeply indebted to this man, and am so grateful to read this interview. There is a sermon on www.gordoncstewart where Sebastian's influence is crystal clear. So very grateful.

David McCarthy

Dom Sebastian was my mentor during my vocation as a potential postulant in The Order of St Benedict. This occurred back in 1964,when the Church in its wisdom, had decided to conduct an experiment involving the installation of a three-man team of Benedictine monks to run a parish church in one of the more intensely working class dockland areas of Liverpool. The church in question was St Anne's church, just a short distance from the docks, and the Liverpool city center. The result was mixed reception from the hard-core doctrinal Catholic hard-liners, and a relatively short-lived tenure. Old Moore himself actually upset the applecart by stating from the pulpit, that if the Sacrament of Penance could actually forgive sins, Jesus'death would have been entirely un-neccessary...Ha ha...Brilliant. Anyway, he didn't last too long after that. having effectively removed the "absolution" guilt-trip from many of the previously guilt-bound congregation, he was reassigned back to Downside Abbey about a week later by Archbishop Downey, the Catholic prelate of the Liverpool Archdiocese at the time, and the experimental clerical community of Benedictines in Liverpool was entirely dissolved shortly thereafter. I subsequently lost touch with Dom Sebastian, but I have so many memories of that wonderful man who opened so many doors in my own Theological thinking. R.I.P.

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