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Sunday, 14 August 2011


David Keen

Fox is worth listening to in terms of his challenges, but his solutions leave a lot to be desired. I spent a couple of years in the 90's studying his writings up to that point (the guy is quite prolific), and he spends so much time trying to redefine Christianity that you suspect in the end that what he's talking about isn't Christianity at all.

In the end I subtitled my thesis 'talking about creation in a very loud voice', as Fox uses terms like 'God' and Christian language for those aspects of nature (feminine, creativity, mystery, art) he likes, and can't bring himself to talk in terms of God as a being with His own life, will, purpose, power etc. Instead God is a way of talking about the bits of creation Fox wants to affirm.

Having said all that he's very challenging and worth a read, but steer clear of anything he says about the Christian tradition (e.g. Eckhart, Aquinas), none of it should be taken at face value without checking the originals.

Paul Fromont

Thanks David. You well articulate my sense of him, but as you say, he's worth a listen or read from time-to-time; if only for the provocation to do our own thinking.

Gary Manders

Thanks Paul for sharing stimualting sources. Do you know if Riddel's lectures were recorded?

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