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Thursday, 15 September 2011



Hi Paul.
Thanks for the intro to this fascinating artist.
As an aside, I was interested to see the involvement of Mark Laurent & Brenda Liddiard ( in the doco "Allie Eagle and Me." I have long been a fan of this very talented kiwi couple.

Paul Fromont

Hi Merv. Interestingly Mark is one of the subjects that Allie has painted as part of her "Not the Male Gaze" series. It was good to catch up with your Leah last week.

Take care

Allie Eagle

thanks Paul... for the intro into your blog. And your reflections. I appreciate them. The grapple with"men" is not over for me as I am currently engaged in painting 5 life sized portraits of five different men. Lots of conversations. And yes tough and but unexpected surprises all along. Briar March who did the film Allie Eagle and me has a website on the film and also on my work.
Allie Eagle

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