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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Phil Wood

Ten years is a long time in blogging terms. I've been at it for four years and already it feels quite a journey. A very happy blogging birthday to you both. I look forward to having you on my blogroll for another ten years!

Bob Carlton

have loved coming back over & over again - feel I know a bit of your story

Gary Manders

Happy Blog Birthday! I have been following you for years and really enjoy the wisdom, insight and stimulation and spiritual grounding your blog brings.


Wow! Congratulations Paul! A real milestone on a continuing inspirational journey.

Jason Goroncy

Happy birthday blog. Your father deserves a beer.


we actually started blogging on exactly the same day - that is quite weird and amazing! congrats...


Nice one, Paul. I'm still grateful to you for your 'If it be your will', Antony, post. The song continues to be in my mix, something that keeps me going... if I remember to remember it. Becky


That's a lot of reflection, and a lot of conversation, "under the bridge." So appreciate your friendship on this journey, I have personally been blessed!

Paul Fromont

And Steve Taylor celebrates 10-years June 9th 2012:

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